What products do you produce?

Our main products include various types of winches, LBS groove drum, LBS sleeves, spooling device winch, petroleum drilling rig winch, trailer mounted pumping unit, crane winch, fifth wheel, Herringbone Gear,etc.,

What are the areas of application for your products?

Products are widely used in offshore platforms, ships, mines, petroleum, coal, ports, terminals, geological exploration, environmental protection, engineering machinery and other heavy machinery.

What technical parameters do customers need to provide?

1. Drum diameter:

2. Width between flanges:

3. Rope or cable diameter:

4. Length of rope or cable to be accommodated:

5. Distance to fixed sheave and position between flanges:

6. Direction of wire rope entry:

7. Outside diameter of flanges:

8. Maximum operating load on rope or cable:

9. Type of rope entry through flange or Through barrel:

10. Material and requirements of the drum

11. A detailed drawing of the drum if possible:

12. Any Further Information

Can I get a good price?

Our products are reasonably priced to be cost-effective. Please send your inquiry to jzjxzz@LBS-china.com, or call +86-311-80761996, and we will reply to your request within 24 hours.

How shall I pay?

T / T and L / C payments are workable for us.

How long does the delivery take from you?

Delivery date depends on the model, specification and quantity required. When we make a quotation, we will separately state the delivery date. If you want an earlier delivery, we will try to make shift.

How will the goods be packed?

Our products are generally packed in wooden cases.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty starts from the date of BL (AWB) and lasts for 12 months.

Do you provide on-site installation and commissioning services?

We can provide on-site installation and commissioning services according to your requirements. Details and pricing of the services will be subject to the specially signed foreign technical service contract.

If the product fails, how should we do?

When failure occurs, please send a description of the failure in words and pictures to us. We will respond within 24 hours after receipt of your notice, and give solution proposals within 48 hours.