Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We accept all of the following payment methods for secure online payment:


At the request of the remitter, the remitter shall use cable, telex, or SWIFT to send the telegraphic transfer payment authorization letter to the remitting bank, instructing the remitter to pay a certain amount to the recipient.


The use of the letter of credit shall be in accordance with the contractual provisions.

A written document issued by a bank to the exporter (seller) at the request of the importer (buyer) to guarantee payment responsibility. In the letter of credit, the bank authorizes the exporter, subject to the conditions stipulated in the letter of credit, to issue a draft with the bank or its designated bank as the payer, which shall not exceed the specified amount, and shall be accompanied by shipping documents according to regulations, to collect the goods at the designated location on time.

4. Western Union

Please contact us at Support Center for details. It is a fast, reliable and secure payment.

Note: Please tell us the following information after you have paid using Western Union.

1) The 10 digit control number.

2) Sender's name.

3) The exact amount you sent.

4) Sender's address.

5) Your shipping address.

6) Your order number.

7) The country you send from.

8) The receiver's name.